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Hello Customers,

I want to tell you about our organic eggs. Here at Milo's Poultry Farms, I have chickens that roam on our organic farms in Northeast Wisconsin. The chickens are of different varieties which explains the variety of colors that you see when you open a carton of my eggs.

I used to have different breeds so I could keep different ages in the same house and still know their ages. Now I do it mostly to prove that white eggs can be just as tasty and rich as any other eggs if the hens are taken care of with the same organic standards, and also because I like variety.

I now have birds on other family farms besides my own due to customer demand, but I own the birds and supply the feed, so I have control over egg quality and also see to it that they have access to the outdoors and green grass as much as the seasons and the weather permit.

All of my hens are fed the same, so the color of the shell has nothing to do with the quality inside. My chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet which includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, and a high source of Omega-3 fatty acids from flax seed.

The quality, size, inside color and taste of the egg will vary with the seasons, the weather, the personality and age of the chickens. Chickens are just like people; every one is unique. Most hens lke to peck around outdoors, while a few enjoy the shelter of their house. Some are lazy, and some are full of energy. Some are shy while others are bold and bossy. I see a definate "pecking" order. For the hen that bosses herself around and consumes more feed than others, she will tend to lay an egg with a richer colored yolk. A more timid hen who consumes less may lay an egg with a paler colored yolk. Older hens tend to lay an egg with paler yolks as well. There are a couple reasons you notice variations in the colors of yolk. There are many factors that influence the richness of an egg yolk. I let them go outside as much as possible. Even in the winter, fresh air and sunshine will help produce richer eggs. In spring you will see richer yolks. In summer you may see paler yolks due to heat stress. In fall before winter sets in, you may see a richer yolk again. Whenever the garden and flower beds are not in production, they have a run of the farm; otherwise I rotate them between different pens to keep them picking through the fresh grass.

The next Organic Product line I'm working to make available to my customers are Organic Chicken Soup, Broilers, and Beef.

Your satisfaction is important to me. I would gladly accept any feed back you may have. It may help me serve my hens and customers better! Thank you for supporting Organic products!

"Don't judge an egg by it's color...it's what's inside that counts."

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